‘EARTH’ study – first patient enrolled in Mali

04 Oct, 2019

We are delighted to report that the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Gabriel Touré in Mali (in liaison with Anne-Genevieve Marcelin, France) has enrolled its first patient in the key EPIICAL study, ‘EARTH’. This marks a new chapter in the study, with the scope of the cohort widening to include participants not only from South Africa and Mozambique, but also from the west African site in Bamako.

EARTHCohort of Early Anti-Retroviral Treatment in HIV-perinatally infected Children – is a prospective multicentre, low-interventional study of HIV+ perinatally infected children on sustained suppressive antiretroviral therapy started before 3 months of age.

The study is firmly nested in the goals of the milestone EPIICAL project, with the primary aim being to engage in care and monitor clinical, virological and immunological features of early treated children in limited-resource settings. This is, ultimately, in order to identify potential participants in proof-of-concept trials directed towards a HIV cure.

We extend our thanks to Laboratory leader, Almoustapha Issiaka, and Clinical leader, Mariam Sylla, who are coordinating the important work being carried out by their team in Mali.