Registrations are open for the PentaTr@ining course: ‘Fungal Infections in Paediatrics’

18 Aug, 2022

We are happy to announce that registrations are now open for our new interactive training course ‘Fungal Infections in Paediatrics‘!

Building on the combined expertise within the European Paediatric Mycology Network and Penta’s Fungal Infections Working Group, we have developed an accessible and affordable training course within the PentaTr@ining framework. This course utilises a child-centered teaching model to support ongoing learning needs with innovative e-learning methods.

The training programme consists of 6 in-depth online modules, led by an expert international faculty:

  • Fungal infections in children with haematological malignancies
  • HIV/AIDS associated mycoses
  • Invasive candidiasis in neonatal and paediatric intensive care settings
  • Fungal infections in children with primary immunodeficiencies
  • Neglected fungal diseases in children
  • Skin and mucosal mycoses in children

Each module of the course will be complemented by real-life animated clinical case scenarios, online discussion forums, live ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A sessions, pre- and post-module quizzes and a wealth of further reading resources and links to websites of interest. Download the course programme for more information on the module dates and webinar leads.

Through this training programme, we aim to provide guidance around existing treatment strategies and guidelines on paediatric fungal infections. We also want to share specialist knowledge in the management of fungal infections in children, and create an opportunity to forge lasting clinical and research networks. Last but not least, we hope to foster meaningful, enduring and verifiable change in day-to-day clinical and professional practice.

The fungal infections course is primarily targeted at paediatric infectious diseases practitioners and trainees; however, all healthcare workers with an interest in the topic are welcome to sign up.

The course kicks off on 19 September and will run up until 15 December 2022. Discounted fees are available for ESPID members. Read the outline brief for more details on the training programme and registration fees.

Click on the ‘Register now’ button to sign up for the course!