EFGCP/DIA Paediatrics Conference: Better Medicines for Children – From Development to Access

10 Sep, 2018

An informative meeting about access to children’s medicines will be held in Brussels on 25th-26th October, 2018.

The paediatrics conference “Better Medicines for Children Conference – From Development to Access” is an annual event jointly organised by EFGCP and DIA with a focus on new developments in children medicine.

It provides a unique platform where all the stakeholders involved n the process, from research to treatment of children diseases, including HTA and payers, as well as patients are invited to share updates inmini-europe-3595252_1920 the field and discuss challenges related to the development of paediatric medicines.

The intention of this year’s event is to shed light on what could be done to optimise children’s access to new medicines. In the context of this conference, “access” can be broadly defined as:
1) Inclusion of paediatric patients into clinical trials,
2) Health authority approval of a new medicine and,
3) Children’s access to a medicine that has been approved by regulators

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