ID-EPTRI General Assembly Meeting, 9th-10th October 2018

22 Oct, 2018

Held in the historic setting of Athens, Greece, we are pleased to announce that the first ID-EPTRI General Assembly Meeting was a big success. With much on the agenda to discuss, it was the ideal occasion for project partners to share results from the first nine months of the project, giving rise to many fruitful exchanges over the 2-day event. One significant talking point concerned the needs of European pre-clinical paediatric research and how ID-EPTRI could fulfill them. Other items that emerged touched on more long-term goals, such as how the possible governance of the future research infrastructure will take shape at the end of the ID-EPTRI project.

We extend our warm thanks to CVBF for their time and effort dedicated to organising the event.

We look forward to the next Consortium meeting, which has been scheduled for March 2019 in Madrid.

Photo credits: Puk Patrick at Unsplash