Gap-f launches strategy plan!

01 Mar, 2022

On March 1, 2022, the GAP-f network held a virtual event to launch its ambitious three-year strategy, spanning from 2022-2024. Through this event, the network solidified the WHO’s commitment to advancing health outcomes for children globally.

GAP-f’s three-year strategy (2022–2024) builds from the work undertaken to date by the network of leading partners, both individually and collectively, through GAP-f. The initial Phase I strategy focused on HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis C products, and this new three-year strategy builds on the work undertaken in these disease areas, targeting additional therapeutic areas including cancer, antimicrobial resistance and neglected tropical diseases. It capitalizes on the accelerating potential of cross-cutting work that addresses systemic barriers to innovation and access, transcending product-specific considerations, to benefit all paediatric medicine innovation and access undertakings going forward, including funding and financing. Finally, it paves the way for improving governance and an agile operating model that is fit-for-purpose of and best serves the strategy.

Launched in October 2020, GAP-f, hosted by the WHO, is a network of partners brought together with a sole purpose of improving the quality of life, reduce illness and death in infants and children with treatable or preventable illnesses.