Interview on the International Day of Action for Women’s Health with Dr. Karoline Aebi-Popp

28 May, 2020

Today marks the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. On this occasion, European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) interviewed our friend and collaborator Dr. Karoline Aebi-Popp. She is the chair of the EACS programme promoting the welfare of HIV-positive women in Europe called WAWE (Women Against Viruses in Europe).

“HIV testing is the key to prevent vertical transmission of HIV to the baby. HIV testing should be a standard of care but with the option to opt-out. Sometimes a second HIV test during the third trimester based on a risk assessment, even in areas of low HIV prevalence, should be considered. All women in labor whose HIV status is unknown should undergo rapid HIV testing, as available interventions can still decrease the risk of perinatal transmission even around the time of delivery. If no measures are taken HIV is transmitted in about one-third of mothers to their babies, which compares to women taking antiretroviral therapy throughout their pregnancy, where their babies are very likely to be healthy. This has been a great success in terms of prevention of vertical transmission”.

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