Life Growing Up: True stories of young people growing up with HIV

02 Dec, 2018

In coincidence with the recent World AIDS Day 2018, the Children’s HIV Association of the UK and Ireland (CHIVA) has proudly launched a powerful short film created with young people who have grown up living with perinatally acquired HIV. The film takes an honest and moving look at the experience of three adolescents impacted by HIV. Giving us a first-hand account of the daily pressures and obstacles they typically deal with, the film offers a direct glimpse into a world familiar to many, but unfamiliar to so many more. With a cleverly composed rhyming dialogue, the issues of shame, stigma, treatment adherence, sex education and the importance of community support are laid bare by the actors in a simple yet effective way.


The CHIVA association aims to:

  • Enhance the health and social outcomes for children, young people and families living with HIV
  • Reduce the isolation of children and young people living with HIV
  • Ensure the voices of children, young people and families living with HIV are present in service and practice development
  • Reduce the stigma faced by children, young people and families living with HIV
  • Facilitate knowledge about HIV and thus empower young people with HIV to become more independent.


“Part of a community,

We’re strong, we’re tough and we’re unbowed,

We’re responsible, we’re wise. And we are proud!”


See the full video here:

Photo credits: rawpixel at Unsplash