CUAMM workshop: “Implementation Research in resource limited countries”

22 Aug, 2019

Our close collaborators, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, are hosting the workshop “Implementation Research in resource limited countries” on 30 September – 3 October in Padua, Italy.

Implementation research is a growing field of study with roots in many disciplines and research traditions. Its core intent is to understand not only what is and isn’t working, but how and why implementation is going right or wrong, and testing approaches to improve it. Implementation research is particularly important in global health because it takes what we know and turns it into what we do, addressing challenges in diverse real-world settings and the practicalities of achieving national and global health goals. This type of research uses multiple disciplines and methods and emphasises partnerships between community members, implementers, researchers, and policy makers.

The dynamic 4-day event will bring together an extensive group of experts involved in different areas of clinical research and capacity-building. The workshop is aimed at graduates, post-graduates and doctoral students in the field of healthcare, or similar professional figures interested in exploring the aspects of operational research in this area. Theoretical training will be accompanied by an experiential part (to present the research carried out by Doctors with Africa CUAMM or by other bodies in countries with limited resources) and practical exercises. Participating from Penta is Carlo Giaquinto, who has been invited to give the following presentation: “International Research Agenda on Infectious Diseases: the international agenda”. Other notable talks deal with key topics such as ‘Theory of Change‘, funding priorities and opportunities, and international research agendas on nutrition, chronic diseases, mental health and disabilities.

Founded in 1950, CUAMM was the first non-governmental organization focused on healthcare to be recognized by the Italian government. It is now the country’s leading organization working to protect and improve the wellbeing and health of vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The organization carries out capacity-building activities and conducts and disseminates scientific research with the end goal of ensuring that the fundamental human right to health can be enjoyed by everyone everywhere. Working with international and local partner teams, CUAMM provides medical aid and expertise in 8 African countries: Angola, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda.

The course is free of charge. To register send your updated CV to Chiara Cavagna ( by 3 September. In the case of too many applications, a selection of participants will be made.

The programme (Italian) is available here!