Infection Prevention in Paediatrics: ‘Hand in Hand’ – working together for children

17 May, 2019

On Tuesday 24th September, the Infection Prevention Disease Society event IP2019 in Liverpool will host the one-day conference: Infection Prevention in Paediatrics: ‘Hand in Hand’- working together for children.

This important event will address paediatric care across areas such as Infection Prevention & Control, Tissue Viability & Wound Care, IV and Infectious Diseases. The programme has been tailored towards all paediatric healthcare workers including: IV Specialist Nurses, ICNs, Tissue Viability Nurses, IPC Link Nurses and Infectious Disease Specialists.

The theme of the conference closely ties in with the goals of the Penta supported project RANIN-KIDS, which aims to achieve optimal clinical outcomes among paediatric patients in Europe by fighting healthcare-acquired infections and reducing the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Find out more about the programme and how to register here!