Penta ID Network Meeting 2019 – a look back in pictures!

12 Aug, 2019

Following the great success of the recent Penta ID Network Meeting, we are pleased to now share with you a photo gallery of the event.

On 30th June, 234 participants from 31 countries around the world gathered together in the beautiful setting of Baveno, Italy for the biannual ‘PIM’ – Penta ID Network Meeting. Marked by 3 days of scientific discussion, sharing ideas and opening up new channels of collaboration, this year’s event was brimming with activity.

The very first ‘PIM’ meeting took place back in 1999, when Penta was an ambitious young European network with a main focus on HIV research. In recent years we have grown and developed into a truly global workforce, now operating in many different areas – including HIV, Antimicrobial resistance, Arboviruses, Paediatric medicines, and Education and training. “The diversity is so obvious, the new scientific organisation is fantastic, building bridges to continue the mission of Penta across the world”, in the words of Penta Scientific Chief Officer, Theoklis Zaoutis.

PIM 2019 was an opportunity to solidify existing partnerships. With GARDP we have a global platform on antibiotics for the paediatric population. Together, we can accelerate paediatric development of antibiotic treatments and tackle drug-resistant infections in children. “We have a lot of work to do, but we are moving in the right direction” – Manica Balasegaram, Executive Director, GARDP.

Moreover, this new edition of the PIM was an opportunity to reflect on the real impact of what we are doing. A special thanks to Siobhan Crowley for her thought-provoking words, which encouraged us to “communicate, inspire and empower, take initiative and believe in the transformational power of your work”.

We are very excited to be moving forward with so many new projects and studies, continuing the Penta spirit of sharing… as a value, a method, and a goal.

“Thank you to everyone for joining us. Penta is really ‘you’, and our success is through your commitment!” – Carlo Giaquinto

Enjoy the full photo gallery here!