WHO Essential Medicines List (EML) New Antibiotic User Guide

19 Nov, 2020

On November 23rd, 2020, the World Health Organisation will be hosting a webinar on the Essential Medicines List (EML) new Antibiotic User Guide.

Since 2017, the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML) has classified antibiotics into Access, Watch, and Reserve (AWaRe) categories as a tool to improve antibiotic monitoring and stewardship. Now, the EML is expanding its guidance on how best to use the AWaRE antibiotics, by updating and modernising the old WHO antibiotic guide book.
The webinar will discuss how the new ‘WHO EML Antibiotic User Guide’ could become an essential tool for the better management of patients with common infections, improve patient outcomes and quality of care, reduce inappropriate treatment and diagnostic tests, and impact antimicrobial resistance.
The new Antibiotic User Guide will be presented as part of the next update of the Model List of Essential Medicines in April 2021 and launched mid-2021 in digital and print formats for wide dissemination and access.
Mike Sharland, a member of the Penta Foundation board and Chair of the EML Antibiotic Working Group is one of the speakers at the event.
The webinar is scheduled to hold from 15:30 to 17-00 CET.
If you are interested in participating in this event, follow this link to register.