MU-JHU Mobile Clinic inaugurated during Uganda visit

04 Dec, 2018


A delegation from PENTA Foundation spent October 15th to 18th in Kampala, Uganda on a visit aimed at monitoring the ongoing international cooperation projects supported by the Foundation and carried out by local coordinators. 

On this occasion, the PENTA team was pleasantly surprised by the celebration that took place for the inauguration of the Mobile Clinic donated to local partner MU-JHU.

Makerere University – Johns Hopkins University Research Collaboration was founded in 1988 by clinical researchers from Uganda and USAinterested in HIV prevention and care. It pursues its mission of improving the health of families infected or affected by HIV through research, care and training.

In addition to its recent collaboration in PENTA trials, MU-JHU has a long history as a key partner in several international cooperation projects conducted in Uganda.

The idea of a Mobile Clinic stemmed from MU-JHU’s Young Generation Alive initiative, set up in 2005 to address the unique psychosocial needs and challenges of children and young people living with HIV/AIDS. The clinic will allow the existing school outreach activities to evolve into community outreaches, bringing information, sensitization activities and HIV testing to the peri-urban and rural communities surrounding the capital.

The second highlight of this mission was the official start of a one-year project focused on the fight against domestic violence, to be carried out locally by Caritas Kampala and funded by Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

Starting in 2019, this is the first international cooperation initiative supported by PENTA focusing not only on persons living with HIV/AIDS but also on the wider community.

Penta supports initiatives in LMIC in partnership with Casa Accoglienza alla vita Padre Angelo – ACAVPA (Trento, Italy) mainly sponsored by Provincia Autonoma di Trento and Regione Autonoma Trentino-Alto Adige.

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