New paper published in WHO Bulletin

02 Jul, 2020

There is an urgent global need for more child-friendly antibiotic formulations. Our collaborator Prof. Mike Sharland, together with GARDP and St. George’s, University of London researchers have just published a new paper in the WHO Bulletin investigating international antibiotic sales data of child-appropriate oral formulations of antibiotics, with a focus on dispersible tablets. Globally most child-appropriate oral antibiotics were not sold as dispersible tablets, as recommended by WHO. Results of this research highlights the need for improved formulations of antibiotics for children.

WHO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) includes the achievement of, “access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all”. Despite advances in fighting childhood illnesses, infectious diseases remain a leading cause of death for children under the age of 5. Therefore, it is not surprising that children are prescribed antibiotics more than any other medicine. However, major knowledge gaps remain in defining antibiotic usage and prescribing in children. There is a very significant and concerning lack of studies being performed around the effectiveness of both new and existing antibiotics for children, who need medicines that are adapted to their specific needs in terms of dosing, formulation and regimen.

Together with GARDP and St George’s University of London we will continue to collaborate on projects aiming to develop and deliver innovative research to bring new and improved treatment and prevention options for babies and children that are affordable and available, as quickly as possible.

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