ECRAID: European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases

15 Nov, 2018

ECRAID is the working title of the envisaged European wide sustainable clinical research network for infectious diseases, that is to emerge from the PREPARE and COMBACTE projects. This new organization should generate complementary sustainable sources of income, ensuring the long-term continuity of its activities and produce rigorous, innovative, world-leading research that helps protect the people Europe from Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and Emerging Infectious diseases (EID) threats over the long term.

Building on previous collaborations in PREPARE and COMBACTE, Penta participates in ECRAID as project partner. We are glad to support our new project leaders in announcing the launch of ECRAID through the Kick-off Meeting, that is taking place in Brussels, on the 17th January, 2019. The Kick-off Meeting aims to bring together global networks and key stakeholders to constructively discuss ECRAID and its sustainable solutions to protect Europe from AMR and EID threats.