Penta at 10th International Workshop on HIV & Women

04 Mar, 2020

The 10th International Workshop on HIV & Women is in Boston on 6 – 7 March 2020, just prior to CROI.

This is an outstanding opportunity for health care providers, researchers, government, industry and community representatives to discuss, debate, and increase their knowledge on HIV and its burden on women.

The format of the meeting enables attendees to learn from experts in the field of HIV and related health, and discuss the issues, the gaps, and the opportunities for further learning and research. Many of those who attend this meeting, do so each year, which has led to the formation of valuable relationships and partnerships which has led to collaborative projects.

Details of the presentations related to projects and studies in which Penta is involved taking place at the conference are shown below.

Congratulations to all our collaborators!


REACH project 

  • Abstract “Timing of HIV diagnosis in HIV-positive pregnant women giving birth in a high prevalence Russian region (R. Sconza, Y. Plotnikova, A. Plynsky, V. Rozenberg, C. Thorne)

For this work, Rebecca Sconza was awarded a Dissemination Grant by the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR), that is dedicated to supporting innovative research, capacity-building and knowledge translation initiatives.



  • Oral presentation “Outcomes following prenatal exposure to dolutegravir: the Dolomite-EPPICC study(C. Thorne, V. Rasi, K. Aebi-Popp, L. Ene, M. Floridia, N. Mendoza-Palomar, L. Prieto, L. Ragone, R. Sconza, C. Giaquinto, V. Vannappagari for the Dolomite-EPPICC study group)