Penta at CROI 2020

06 Mar, 2020

The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) will be held from March 8 to 11 in Boston, Massachusetts.

CROI brings together top basic, translational, and clinical researchers from around the world to share the latest studies, important developments, and best research methods in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases.

Details of the presentations related to projects and studies in which Penta is involved taking place at the conference are shown below.

Congratulations to all our collaborators!



The remarkable presence of EPIICAL at CROI is the result of the last year of fruitful collaborations, with valuable results from the EARTH and CARMA studies, which offer important insights into the pathogenesis and the management of paediatric HIV.

  •  One simple action improves categorization of high-risk infants who should receive extended prophylaxis (Sara Domínguez-Rodríguez)
  • Early poor outcome in early treated HIV perinatally infected infants in Africa (Alfredo Tagarro)
  • Viral response in HIV infected infants starting ART at 1 month in Southern Mozambique (Maria Lain/Paula Vaz)
  • NK Cells are preserved by early ART in HIV-infected children with lower reservoir (Paolo Palma, Sonia Zicari)
  • Markers of HIV reservoir size in infected children on long-term viral control (Stefano Rinaldi)
  • Cell-associated HIV-1 DNA/RNA in children: Performance of real-time and digital PCR (Kathleen Gartner)
  • Assessment of HIV-1 DNA by single-genome sequencing in children on suppressive ART (Kathleen Gartner)



Data from the pharmacokinetic substudy within the Odyssey trial among children with TB/HIV coinfection will be presented. This data will inform future use of dolutegravir in combination with rifampicin-based TB treatment in the paediatric population.

  • Adeqaute dolutegravir exposure dosed BID with rifampicin in children 6 to < 18 years (Hylke Waalewijn)

The poster will be introduced during the themed discussion “NOVEL APPROACHES TO STUDY PEDIATRIC ANTIRETROVIRAL DOSING AND SAFETY – TD-09” that will be held on Tuesday March 10.



  • Long-term Non-progression in Children With Perinatally Acquired HIV (Charlotte Jackson)
  • Abacavir dosing, effectiveness, and safety in young infants living with HIV in Europe (Siobhan Crichton)
  • Global variations in pubertal growth in adolescents living with perinatal HIV (Siobhan Crichton)
  • Oral presentation: Outcomes following prenatal exposure to dolutegravir: the Dolomite-EPPICC study (C. Thorne, V. Rasi, K. Aebi-Popp, L. Ene, M. Floridia, N. Mendoza-Palomar, L. Prieto, L. Ragone, R. Sconza, C. Giaquinto, V. Vannappagari for the Dolomite-EPPICC study group)
  • Talk: Vertical Hepatitis-C Transmission: Déjà  vu all over again (Ali Judd)



  •  DTG prescribing patterns in PLWH ³65 years: the impact of 2DR and weight gain (Guaraldi G, Calza S, Calcagno A, Milic J, Focà E, Rota M, Celotti A, Celesia BM, Piconi S, De Socio GV, Cattelan AM, Orofino G, Riva A, Nozza S, Di Perri G)