PENTA Calendar Project 2019

13 Dec, 2018

In coincidence with World AIDS Day on 1st December 2018, PENTA is promoting the Calendar Project “I want to tell you something: I have HIV”, to continue the constructive and crucial fight against discrimination which is often targeted at young people with HIV.

The Calendar Project stems from a long undertaking that Associations, Hospitals and Universities of various Italian regions, together with young people with HIV, have been conducting for many years. Every two years a great number of HIV-positive children and adolescents get together with doctors, psychologists and experts at a National Meeting to discuss problems relevant to them and possible solutions. During these encounters it came to light that, despite the huge advancements in treatment, the correct information on the subject is still lagging 30 years behind. Indeed, the pivotal problem for these youths is no longer a clinical one, but rather a social one, because the shadow of stigma and discrimination hangs heavy on them. They are forced to keep the “secret” to avoid being marginalized from their friends and other people they meet throughout their lives.

Therefore, we thought about trying make their voices heard loud and clear, both to give an updated definition of HIV and to let people know the daily hardships they are faced with, something which is no longer justifiable given the significant headway made in treatment options.

A patient-centered approach is of utmost importance to PENTA. For this reason, we proudly support groups of patients and their families through socio-psychological educational activities and initiatives to raise awareness among adolescents.

Please click here to download the calendar.