Penta endorses the International workshop on HIV and adolescence

26 Jul, 2022

We are proud to endorse the International Workshop on HIV and adolescents taking place from 5-6 October 2022, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The workshop brings together experts from across the world working with adolescents affected by and living with HIV with the aim of sharing experiences, knowledge, and best practices to define a pathway forward for optimizing the care of adolescents living with HIV.

The healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists within the Penta ID Network are passionate about ensuring that children and adolescents are not only at the fore of the HIV research agenda but are actively engaged in the process towards developing safe and effective treatment. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists in the HIV field to come together and establish a sustainable pathway towards a generation free of HIV.

For more information about the conference visit the workshop website