Penta endorses the People First Charter

27 Sep, 2022

The People First Charter was launched on 20th July 2021 to promote person-first language in the field of HIV. We are proud to endorse this much-needed charter which will ensure that we and other organisations in the HIV field remain conscious of the way we articulate ourselves when speaking about our work and the communities that we work with. 

“It’s great that Penta are being aware of the language they use and making sure that children and young people living with HIV are spoken about in friendly, non-judgemental ways” Youth Trials Board members.

Having worked in this area for more than 30 years, we have seen first-hand how people living with HIV have been chastised and faced widespread discrimination. HIV-related stigma and discrimination are prevalent globally and negatively affect the emotional well-being and mental health of people living with HIV. In many instances, the use of language that perpetuates stigma is used widely in the HIV research and medical field. 

“In Penta, we have endorsed the People First Charter enthusiastically, and will strive to model best practice and to promote the use of ‘the right words in the right way’ in all our activities” Claire Thorne.

We invite all our partners to visit the People First Charter website to view the Terminology guide so we all can be more cognizant of how we speak and make a conscious effort to use language that is inclusive, positive and blame-free. Let us remember to put people first rather than their health conditions.