Penta: new visual identity

30 Apr, 2019

Today marks the official launch of the restyled Penta logo and new-look website!

In the 30 years since its foundation, Penta has achieved unexpected results and grown significantly: our network has become truly global, activities and partnerships have diversified, and we are now involved in many important projects. This is why we felt the need to update our visual identity accordingly – with a view to better representing Penta’s present and envisioning its future while still maintaining continuity with our traditional values.

The restyled logo is the result of an in-depth communication analysis. With the values and meaning of the original logo being maintained, we hope the restyled brand will better represent the Penta model – a flexible, dynamic workforce that shares a common set of values.

We have also made some significant stylistic changes throughout the Penta website, as we are dedicated to ensuring it is engaging and relevant to the needs of our different audiences. The inclusion of an interactive map helps illustrate the true scope of the network of clinical sites and studies in which we are involved around the globe. Moreover, we have added a new section dedicated to “Our Collaborators”, which outlines the special partnerships we have forged with other key organisations over the years.

Together, we look forward to continually striving to improve the quality of life of children and their families!