Penta representative makes first-time visits to neonatal units in Brazil

27 Feb, 2019

Penta project manager Davide Bilardi, together with other NeoObs project partners, recently visited the neonatal units of the Santa Casa Hospital in São Paolo and the Clinical Research Unit of University of São Paolo in Ribeirao Preto. The visit occurred in the last week of January and was an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with new partner sites involved in the activities of this study. NeoObs is an observational study focused on understanding sepsis in newborns and current antibiotic prescribing practices. This project is part of the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership’s (GARDP’s) broader programme to develop new and improved antibiotic treatments for children and newborns and, in addition to Brazil, involves hospitals in Bangladesh, China, India, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand and Greece.