Penta’s update during COVID-19 outbreak

03 Apr, 2020

Penta Foundation is located in the centre of European epidemic. At the time of writing, we are completing our 4th week of lockdown, during which we are confined to our houses. The streets are empty and restrictions on our movements have been imposed by the Italian Government. Still, we are now seeing signs that the situation is improving, with the infection rates showing signs of decreasing, and all Penta staff remain fine and well. During this lockdown period, we have been working remotely from our homes. We have been  been exploring new technology and ways to stay connected with our work colleagues; initiating video conferencing meetings and using instant messaging so we are able to brainstorm, share ideas and work together. It is not certain how long this lockdown period will continue, but we have the tools in place to ensure we are able to stay connected and continue to collaborate. We know, that if we just wait a little longer, we will soon have the opportunity to see our friends, family and work colleagues again.

Today we support #Red4Research Campaign, launched by Sally Humphreys, nurse, researcher and chair of the NHS R&D Forum research.

Take a look here to know more about #Red4Research campaign.

Take a look at our video contribution!