PentaTr@ining kicks off HIV and other Congenital Infections course, in Spanish

20 Sep, 2021

The Spanish language version of our online course “PentaTr@ining: HIV and other Congenital Infections” kicks off today! We look forward to welcoming over 100 participants for this year’s edition of our newly upgraded online training course.

Unique in its design and delivery, ‘PentaTr@ining’ is an innovative training platform which continues to develop and evolve in response to the changing needs of children, young people and pregnant women living with HIV and other congenital infections. Our flagship online course is highly interactive and clinical case based, designed to kindle engagement and foster intercommunication among the students and faculty team. It consists of 6 fortnightly modules with associated pictures, infographs, tables and figures, references and links to major paediatric infectious disease websites of interest. The modules are designed in a way that consolidates knowledge acquired as the course progresses, always encouraging the delegates to be proactive participants.

Visit the Pentatr@ining website for more information about our training initiatives.