REACH project published in CORDIS

07 Dec, 2021

We are proud to announce that the REACH project’s Result in Brief article, Reducing infectious disease in mothers and children in Russia, has been uploaded on the CORDIS website. This is a great opportunity to share our work, with the rest of the world and will ensure that our study results, when available, are available to many. None of what REACH has achieved would have been possible without the collaborative effort of our partners in Europe and the Russian Federation.

Through the joint commitment of our members, the REACH project has drawn to conclusion, having strengthened, and created new international relationships to elevate research opportunities. We must keep this momentum and not waiver in our drive to improve health responses to pandemics and advance our understanding of HIV, TB, and HCV in order to protect pregnant women and children, the vulnerable populations that are usually considered last for clinical trials.

Visit the CORDIS website to read the Results in Brief article