Recruitment completed for neonatal sepsis study

02 Apr, 2020

The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) has announced that, with their partners St. George’s University of London (SGUL) and Penta, they have completed recruitment for their neonatal sepsis observational study. The NeoOBS study has recruited more than 3,200 newborns across 19 sites in 11 countries. This study, one of the largest ever focusing on neonatal sepsis, will provide evidence to fill knowledge gaps, help transform treatment and save lives. Results of this study will be released later this year.

Newborns are a vulnerable population as their under-developed immune systems struggle to fight infections. Within hours, a baby with sepsis, an infection of the bloodstream, can be in a life-threatening situation. This is complicated by antimicrobial resistance, with up to 40% of bacterial infections in babies resistant to standard treatments. Despite the huge numbers of babies affected by sepsis, our understanding of how to treat them is limited.

A top priority for Penta is to ensure we deliver new and improved treatment and prevention options for severe infections in babies and children.

Together with our global collaborators (GARDP, SGUL, MRC), we are working to create a platform of connected researchers, scientists, clinicians and implementation partners that will enable us to develop and deliver innovative real-world research. This platform aims to not only create new prevention strategies and treatments, but also  improving the existing ones to improve affordability and availability as quickly as possible.

A big thank to all Penta network sites involved in the NeoOBS study.