RESCEU: Fighting Respiratory Syncytial Virus and its economic impact

05 Nov, 2020

Europe’s project RESCEU sheds new light on the fight against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and its economic impact

RESCEU scientists have published a supplement in Journal of Infectious Diseases, revealing impact of RSV, the most common cause of severe respiratory illness in infants and children worldwide.

Although, RSV is the most frequent cause of acute lower respiratory infections in children below 5 years old in industrialised countries and the second leading cause of death after malaria in developing countries, knowledge about the disease’s impact and economic consequences has been scarce until recently.

According to the recently published studies carried out by the RESCEU consortium, treating RSV in young children costs governments around the world an estimated 4.8 billion euros every year.

Penta supported this study by assembling routinely collected health data to provide new insights into the RSV disease impact and epidemiology.

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