Science4Pandemics initiatives to educate young people on pandemic preparedness

09 May, 2023

Science4Pandemics (S4P) is an EU-funded project that aims to educate young people on how to prevent future pandemics through a game-based learning approach.

S4P needs your support!

S4P is dedicated to young people, and they need your help to reach them! The video game, the webinars, the questionnaires: have a look below at what S4P is working on and help them reach thier audience by sharing this news with your colleagues, students, and friends!

Here is a sneak peek of the S4P video game!

S4P is developing an educational online video game in which the player will face different infectious diseases such as HIV and COVID-19 in different scenarios. Assuming the role of different characters in town such as a doctor, the city major, a researcher or a journalist, etc the player must find the best way to stop the spread of the disease.

#Science4Pandemics: Avoiding the next pandemic is in your hands! – YouTube

Do you want to play the S4P game? Help us with the development!

The project is now looking for schools to participate in play-testing sessions of the game. Do you know teachers who might be interested in having their students participate?

Schools can register at:

For questions:

Help us share the S4P questionnaires!

How do young people perceive vaccines? What do they think about the use of digital technologies in research? To foster collaboration between scientists and citizens, S4P develops and shares questionnaires to collect data from adolescents aged 12-17 and their parents. The questionnaires are focused on hot topics in the field with a strong link to the S4P video game objectives.

The questionnaires are quick, online, and anonymous, available at this link:

Join the S4P webinars!

S4P is organizing webinars (in English, 1 hour, for students 12-17 years old) to present the project to schools. The webinars will focus on pandemics, the use of digital technologies in clinical research, vaccines, and youth participation in science projects.

Schools can register at:

For questions: