SUPPORT project launches to equip the next generation of African experts to fight childhood HIV 

11 Jul, 2024

A new collaborative project called SUPPORT has officially launched to train the next generation of researchers who will focus on preventing mortality among these children.

The SUPPORT initiative, funded by EDCTP3 will run for 54 months and aims to equip early and mid-career researchers with expertise in clinical care, laboratory science, social science, and data analysis. The program will target researchers in Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Senegal due to the high disease burden of HIV in these regions.

Children with HIV in Africa have a higher risk of illness and death due to weakened immune systems. SUPPORT aims to address this critical need by strengthening research capacity in Africa, encouraging researchers to specialise in infectious diseases, and developing more effective treatment options.

By focusing on early and mid-career researchers, SUPPORT hopes to create a sustainable research workforce in Africa focused on neglected diseases in vulnerable populations, and foster collaboration for long-term solutions. This will ultimately lead to advancements in paediatric healthcare in Africa.

We believe this will benefit the health and well-being of children with HIV” said Dr. Pablo Rojo from UCM and SUPPORT’s project coordinator while Dr. Victor Musiime, from Makerere University and SUPPORT’s scientific coordinator, emphasised the project’s potential impact, “SUPPORT will produce researchers who can design and conduct research within Africa. They will build on an existing network that will apply for and conduct future research projects on the continent.”

This is an exciting initiative with the potential to make a real difference in the lives of children living with HIV in Africa.

Support is led by Universidad Complutense De Madrid (UCM) and involves research institutions, academic leaders, and stakeholders from both Africa and Europe.

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