What to expect at a PK study day

02 Oct, 2023

A new animated video aimed at study participants explains what happens during a pharmacokinetics (PK) study. The video, which is now available to watch online in Lugandan, Isizulu and English, can be used to inform patients taking part in a range of future studies across different disease areas.

PK studies look at how medicines move in, through and out of the body. Researchers carry out these studies to find out how much, how often and for how long person needs to take a particular medicine for it to safely do its job.

The animation follows a young PK study participant over one full day at a clinic, where they are given a dose of a medicine. Clinical staff take occasional blood tests to look at how much of the medicine was in the body at different times. Researchers then compare many participants’ blood samples to work out the best amount of medicine to give patients around the world.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, Penta, Radboud University Medical Center and ForMed Films produced the three-minute animation in collaboration with Penta’s Youth Trials Boards in South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the UK. Young people from these countries also feature as narrators in Lugandan, IsiZulu and English.