WHO Paediatric ARV dosing dashboard

14 Mar, 2022

The WHO have developed a Paediatric ARV dosing dashboard which aims to support health care workers, researchers and policy makers in decisions around ARV dosing for children. It includes a dosing tool to assist in selecting the correct dose for infants, children and adolescents less than 18 years old, background information to support WHO paediatric weight-band dosing recommendations for ARV drugs, and a tool for researchers who want to investigate various ARV dosages and calculate the expected drug exposure in children relative to adult targets after administration of various doses.

The tool generates advice on the preferred ARVs combinations, preferred formulation, and recommended dose based on the child’s weight, age, swallowing capability, concomitant use of TB treatment, gestational age (only for neonates), and previous medications used (only for 2nd line treatment). The dose recommendations are based on the WHO paediatric dosing annex and reflect the dosing recommendations of the Paediatric ARV Working Group (PAWG).

The tool will be periodically updated to reflect new evidence and new dosing recommendations as those become available.

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