World Health Day

07 Apr, 2020

Today marks World Health Day, and this year we are celebrating the work of nurses and midwives. These healthcare professionals are fundamental to achieving national and global targets related to universal health coverage. Their commitment to the fields of maternal and child health, emergency preparedness and response, patient safety and scientific research is of vital importance to ensuring we can all lead happy and healthy lives. By involving them in our studies, we ensure that the data we need for our researches are collected accurately, but we also provide for our enrolled patients to be heard, to get the attention they need and be cared of.

We want to celebrate this year’s World Health Day by sharing this passionate speech from Ronelle Arendse and Wilma Orange, two nurses from Stellenbosch University, who are involved in EPIICAL project, who speak about their roles in developing patient-centered scientific research.

Have a look at it!