World Sepsis Day

11 Sep, 2020

The 13th September marks World Sepsis Day. Infectious diseases remains a leading cause of death for children. The burden of this problem is particularly felt in sub-Saharan Africa and in Central and Southern Asia, due to the high prevalence of comorbidities.

Together with GARDP and St George’s University of London and partners across the world, we have collaborated on different projects aiming to develop and deliver innovative real world research that will be used to bring new and improved treatment and prevention options for babies and children that are affordable and available as fast as possible. These include both clinical trials and observational studies to assess safety and dosing of antibiotics in neonates and to collect clinical information on neonatal sepsis in different countries worldwide.

Building on our existing clinical trial networks, together with our partners we are working to:

  • Accelerate the paediatric development of key new antibiotics and obtain a paediatric indication or recommendation for important older antibiotics.
  • Support the update of paediatric guidelines with evidence, taking into account an evolving epidemiology globally.
  • Build on existing paediatric clinical trial networks to develop key activities including regulatory and implementation studies.

Discover more about our activities in the field of severe infections.

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