What is CALYPSO?

MutliCenter modified point prevALence studY of antifungal use in PaediatricS in EurOpe

CALYPSO is a multicenter modified point prevalence 12-week study aimed at designing a paediatric Antifungal Stewardship Programme (pASP). A point prevalence study analyses data from a specific population with a disease or condition at a set point in time.

What is CALYPSO’s goal?

The designed pASP will monitor the use of, and guide healthcare professionals on the best ways of managing antifungal medications to avoid overuse, decrease adverse events, reduce costs and prevent antifungal resistance.


  • Collect data on antifungal consumption in paediatric populations in Europe.
  • Establish surveillance of antifungal prescribing in children in Europe.
  • Design a paediatric Antifungal Stewardship Program based on the results of the data collected.

CALYPSO is sponsored and funded by Penta, which is responsible for data collection.