From project to legacy: c4c Stichting ensures continued progress in paediatric medicine

07 Jun, 2024

This article is taken from Penta’s 2023 Annual Social Report.

The c4c project, a collaborative effort led by the Penta Foundation and the University of Liverpool, has secured a lasting legacy with the creation of c4c Stichting.

This non-profit entity, established in the Netherlands, carries the torch forward, ensuring the vital work in paediatric research shaped and initiated by the c4c project can continue.

The project developed valuable services that directly address the critical need for safe and effective medications for children, demonstrating their effectiveness and paving the way for their continued use by incubating c4c Stichting.

c4c Stichting brings significant value to the landscape of paediatric research. By offering standardised procedures and a streamlined approach for conducting clinical trials across Europe, it promotes standardisation and harmonisation within the field.

Furthermore, c4c Stichting carries forward the patient-centric approach adopted by the c4c project, ensuring active participation by patients in the design and execution of clinical trials, which ultimately leads to research that better addresses their specific needs. Finally, by leveraging the c4c project’s network, c4c Stichting has the potential to expand its services beyond Europe, fostering global reach and impact.

The c4c project’s success offers valuable lessons for future initiatives considering a similar trajectory. From the outset, projects should be developed with sustainability in mind, including considerations for future funding streams and reusable services. Open communication with stakeholders throughout the transition process is crucial for fostering collaboration and transparency. Finally, engaging with the existing research environment during project design allows for knowledge and resources transfer, ensuring smooth adoption by others and further fostering collaboration.

By leveraging the project’s achievements and its commitment to a sustainable future, c4c Stichting is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of paediatric research.

For more information, visit the c4c website.