I trust healthcare workers

11 Jun, 2020

How does it feel to deal every day with a viral infection?

I am used to that and the infection is not a big deal, the biggest problem I face is when I had to tell it to my partner but apart from that I feel alright.

Do you think there are some similarities between COVID-19 and HIV?

Yes, the common thing we face is the ignorance of those who speak without having a good knowledge of what is behind the COVID-19 and HIV.

This pandemic has outlined the important role of healthcare workers: could you describe your relationship with healthcare professionals?

I really trust healthcare workers. I know they are doing their best to find a cure and put all of us in a safe place.

This pandemic has outlined also the importance of scientific research: imagine speaking to a researcher, what would you say to them?

If I could speak with a scientific researcher, I would probably ask him if someday they will be able to find a cure that will help us to live without this problem.

What is your biggest fear in regards to this pandemic?

I am afraid that things will never go back to normal