“What sets Penta apart is the way it values collaboration and respect for each other’s expertise”

28 Sep, 2023

This piece was written by David Burger, Penta ID Network Clinical Pharmacology working group lead, The Netherlands. It is taken from Penta’s 2022 Annual Social Report.

For the past 25 years, I’ve had the privilege of being a member of the Penta ID Network. Penta has been more than just a network to me – it’s been like a family. What sets Penta apart from other organisations is the way it values collaboration and respect for each other’s expertise. This is something I’ve experienced firsthand through the Penta working groups.

I am the Chair of the Clinical Pharmacology working group, which has been set up to drive Penta’s scientific work in this area. Our group focuses on optimal dosing of antimicrobial treatment of paediatric infectious diseases, including pregnancy. We are here to strengthen Penta’s capacity to perform pharmacometrics research and ensure that pharmacokinetic studies are nested within Penta’s clinical studies whenever possible. Thanks to the working group, we have an opportunity to support Penta’s research studies by working closely with experts in the areas of HIV and tuberculosis, viral and fungal infections, antimicrobial resistance, as well as with other distinguished international partners.

It is inspiring to see the diversity within our group, with pharmacologists from Europe, Africa, and Asia coming together to work towards a common goal. But what’s truly remarkable is the sense of initiative and purpose we all share. We proactively support Penta’s research agenda by bringing in our clinical pharmacology expertise. The only problem, as I often joke, is that there are only 24 hours in a day…