The SUPPORT project envisions creating a Training Network for research fellows in Africa, focusing on paediatric HIV. Africa is home to over 90% of children living with HIV globally. Training a new generation of African research fellows focused on paediatric HIV will strengthen local capacity to address this critical challenge. 

SUPPORT is currently recruiting PhD students in Mozambique, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  View PhD posts

What is SUPPORT?

Supporting the next generation of African researchers on preventing HIV paediatric mortality through a training network

SUPPORT is a 4.5-year initiative funded by EDCTP3 to boost Africa’s fight against childhood infectious diseases. This multi-country project (focusing on Mozambique, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) brings together African and European research institutions to train a new generation of expert healthcare professionals. Each early and mid-career fellow will follow a network wide-training and work on a specific research project included in a transnational clinical study. By equipping them with the latest skills, SUPPORT aims to significantly reduce illness and death rates among children living with HIV in Africa.

Why is SUPPORT needed?

Children in Africa, especially those with HIV, are more likely to get sick and die from infections. This is because children with HIV have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to infections. To fight this problem, we need more skilled researchers in Africa who specialise in infectious diseases. This includes doctors, scientists, and other experts from various backgrounds. Having a larger pool of talented researchers will allow them to improve treatments for children with HIV (like optimising antiretroviral therapy) and answer critical questions about childhood infections. 

What is SUPPORT’s goal?

SUPPORT’s primary goal is to build capacity through a training program for early and mid-career health researchers in Africa. This program will focus on paediatric infectious diseases, particularly those affecting children with HIV, and will allow each fellow to benefit from an individualised training program. By strengthening research skills in this area, SUPPORT will answer key research questions about infectious diseases and mortality rates among children living with HIV and develop a better understanding of new paediatric antiretroviral therapy options to improve medication delivery for children.  

Ultimately, this will empower African researchers to take the lead in improving paediatric health and to create new collaborations in Africa, leading to a tangible reduction in sickness and death among children living with HIV.  

The SUPPORT project (101145811) is supported by the Global Health EDCTP3 and its members.