Future-proofing children’s health through immunisation  


This World Immunisation Week, Penta – Child Health Research proudly recognises 50 years of progress in child immunisation and the power of vaccines in protecting preventable diseases. Vaccination programs worldwide have saved millions of children’s lives and continue to be a powerful tool for promoting global health equity. 

However, despite the undeniable benefits of vaccines for children, a concerning gap exists. Vaccines for children often lag behind adult vaccines due to a smaller market size,

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Penta Brighter Future Awards: Meet the finalists  


Congratulations to the 18 finalists for Penta’s inaugural Brighter Future Award. The selected finalists have demonstrated exceptional creativity in their approaches to tackling healthcare challenges, showcasing ground-breaking solutions with the potential to transform countless lives of children and pregnant people.  

Penta’s Brighter Future Award is a global initiative aimed at building and encouraging connections between science and communities by celebrating and rewarding innovative projects and research carried out at grassroots level to address the specific needs of children and pregnant people in innovative and creative ways. 

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