ZIKAction paediatric registry: maternal characteristics and clinical, radiological, and follow-up features of children born with congenital zika infection in brazil


Background: In 2015, Brazil experienced an unexpected increase in newborns with microcephaly. Subsequently, the association between microcephaly and Congenital Zika Infection (CZI) was confirmed.

Aims: This study, part of the ZIKAction Paediatric Registry, intends to describe clinical, radiological, neurodevelopmental, and laboratory features and follow-up of children with CZI in Bahia, Brazil.

Methods: This observational study had following inclusion criteria: intrauterine exposure to ZIKV,

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Penta gets ready for WSPID 2019


WSPID is a world society for paediatric infectious disease, and will be hosting its 11th world congress on diagnosis, therapy and prevention of paediatric infectious diseases on 5-8 November, Manila, Philippines. This congress meets biennially, consists of between 1500 and 3000 participants of all geographical areas worldwide, and aims to support education to healthcare professionals in low and middle income countries. We are pleased to announce that many members of the Penta network will also be on board to contribute to the WSPID 2019 programme,

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