It’s time to recognise the movers and shakers in the maternal and child health field with Penta’s Brighter Future Award (BFA)! The BFA recognises and celebrates the champions going the extra mile to improve the health outcomes of children and pregnant people living with infectious diseases globally.

The BFA is an unmissable opportunity to recognise the grassroots contributions in the last year that have elevated the health profile of women and children. Join us in celebrating collaborations between science and society!


champions from around the world


Euros to be awarded amongst 7 champions to support their work


all-expenses-paid trips to Italy to share insights with scientists

At Penta, we believe the future of our planet is the future of our children, and the future of our children is the future of our planet.


Nominations are now open for the BFA 2023 award! Complete this form to nominate champions in your community. Nominations are open till xx 2023.

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These guidance notes and FAQs will provide you with more details about the eligibility criteria of nominees.

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    Hi, I'm Sara and my team and I are working to reduce vaccine-preventable illness and death by creating community reminder apps. With the BFA, we can make a high-quality app that we can give away for free in India. Please VOTE NOW


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    Watch the stories of these 21 maternal child health champions and help vote for our 7 Brighter Future Awardees

    Recognise and nominate to strengthen and develop collaborations between science and community.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does the BFA exist and why focus only on infectious diseases in children?

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    Who is a typical BFA awardee and what do they get from this award?

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    Could a community or group be nominated instead of one person?

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    What happens next after the nomination?

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    What does Penta do for the winners?

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    Can anyone nominate a BFA?

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    How does Penta ensure BFA is inclusive of all?

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