Treatment Guidelines

Treatment Guidelines

The 2021 first edition of the collaborative Penta/EACS HIV treatment guidelines are available on the EACS website which includes links to the interactive guidelines website, a downloadable pdf version and information on how to access the EACS guidelines app.
The aim of these guidelines is to provide a concise reference document to guide antiretroviral choices for children and adolescents living with perinatally acquired HIV in the European region and to harmonise practice with guidance for adults.


A table with guidance on dosing and use of paediatric formulations is also provided. This is produced and updated regularly by members of the Penta guidelines group. It should be noted that this guidance table provides some dosing recommendations outside of current European licensing. Local policy for use of unlicensed medication and dosing should be followed if this is the case and required.*

A link to contact an International Paediatric Virtual Clinic


*The table is intended for use in conjunction with detailed antiretroviral drug information available from EMA and FDA websites and is aimed at practioners experiences in paediatric HIV care. Its aim is to provide a practical guide to prescribing in the clinic. Please note that drug information rapidly changes and it is ultimately the responsibility of the treating clinician to check validity of information provided before prescribing.


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