Irja Lutsar has been elected as Estonia’s Woman of the Year

Tags: | November 10th, 2020

Professor Irja Lutsar, a prominent and active member of the Penta network for many years, has been elected as Estonia’s Woman of the Year by the Business and Professional Women Organisation (BPW), Estonia.

As a microbiologist and virologist, she has played key roles in Penta and particularly on Penta’s led NeoVanc and NeoMero projects. She also heads the government’s COVID-19 scientific advisory council in her country.

Irja stated that this year has been very difficult and “perhaps we need the pragmaticism and clear head of women more than ever in society today. Women are survivors. They do not act based on emotion but rather look at what is sustainable and what is not and help where help is needed most, not necessarily where it is most gainful.”

Image Source: BPW Estonia


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