New Penta/EACS HIV treatment guidelines 2023 available

19 Oct, 2023

The Penta/EACS HIV treatment guidelines 2023 were launched on the 18th October 2023 at the EACS conference in Poland.

Guidance on preferred and alternative first-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) have been updated according to new data and formulation availability. The latest considerations for the use of dual therapy and treatment in TB co-infection have been updated as well a new section on PrEP and long-acting agents for adolescents. The main significant new addition is recommendations for postnatal prophylaxis (PNP) and infant feeding. General principles on transmission risk assessment, choice and duration of PNP, infant feeding and supported breastfeeding are included. A link to the international virtual clinic is also provided which accepts referrals in relation to complex ART as well as antenatal/postnatal referrals in relation to complex prevention of vertical HIV transmission.

The full guideline is available here and a paper summarising the main updates for the full guideline is available here.