Pediatric Vaccines and Vaccinations: A European Textbook available now

03 Sep, 2021

The second edition of Pediatric Vaccines and Vaccinations: A European Textbook, is now available for purchase! Included in this second edition is a new chapter covering COVID-19 vaccines.

Written by leading European experts, the textbook serves as a guide on vaccines and vaccinations in infants, children and adolescents. It aims to provide essential information on the current vaccines used in childhood immunization programs across Europe. Childhood and adolescent vaccine schedules, maternal and neonatal immunization and the safety of vaccines are covered in the first part of the book while the second part focuses on viral and bacterial vaccines. Other topics covered include pediatric travel vaccines, vaccines in the pipeline and the European registration process.

While this book is intended to be a reference textbook and will help with the standardization of information on vaccines and immunization programs in the WHO European Region, editors Timo Vesikari and Pierre van Damme state “

The textbook is available for purchase from the Springer website