ODYSSEY: recruitment to the main trial completed!

23 Oct, 2019

The ODYSSEY study has reached a major milestone by completing the recruitment of participants to the main trial. Recruitment of children ≥14kg is complete with a total of 707 participants randomised altogether: 311 recruited into ODYSSEY A (naïve to HIV treatment) and 396 into ODYSSEY B (starting second line HIV treatment).

We are pleased to announce that recruitment of children from 3-<14kg at sites taking part in the pharmacokinetic study is also complete as of September 2019. A total of 85 participants were randomised across the lower weight bands 3-<6kgs (N=23), 6-<10kgs (N=39) and 10-<14kgs (N=23) which slightly exceeds the total target of 60 participants (20 children per weight band).

A big thank you to all the sites and everyone else for their hard work and continuous effort put into making ODYSSEY a success. A special congratulations to UZCRC and Baylor for being the highest recruiting sites!