RSV Bronchiolitis on the PICU in Europe

Young children often suffer severe respiratory distress due to viral bronchiolitis, especially from the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). In many instances, this infection requires admission into Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) for assisted breathing interventions, which can be costly and distressful to patients and parents.

BRONCHEU will study whether the burden of bronchiolitis on European children and the PICU over the last two decades has increased and whether the increase is associated with the introduction of High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), a type of respiratory support method that delivers a high flow of medical gas to patients through the nose.

This retrospective monitoring activity will help quantify, for the first time, the burden that the PICU bronchiolitis admissions are bringing in Europe. By investigating the possible correlation between an increase of PICU-managed bronchiolitis episodes and the introduction of the HFNC as respiratory support, it will moreover shed light on the impact the current treatment modalities could have on the PICU-managed bronchiolitis burden

BRONCHEU is led by Amsterdam Academisch Medisch Centrum, UMC Utrecht and Penta is collaborating the data collection process


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