Our commitment to environmental sustainability

At Penta, we believe in creating a positive impact not just on children’s health, but also on the environment we all share. We want our offices to be great places for our staff – and for the planet.

As an international research network, collaboration is key. While face-to face meetings play an essential role in fostering research, knowledge exchange, and strong partnerships, they also contribute to our carbon footprint. Recognising this, we have implemented a Travel Policy to guide responsible travel practices.

This policy encourages employees and collaborators to:

  • Prioritise virtual collaboration tools and reduce unnecessary journeys.
  • Ensure travel is strictly for essential business needs.
  • Minimise long-distance flights.
  • Combine meetings to minimise overall travel and maximise efficiency.
  • Utlilise trains, hybrids, electric vehicles, or low-emission options when travel is necessary.

The introduction of a permanent hybrid work model significantly reduced employee commuting emissions in 2023 (27,845 kg CO2), compared to the potential emissions of a daily commute scenario (69,612 kg CO2). Additionally, we prioritise online training opportunities, promoting a better work-life balance while minimising travel’s environmental impact.

To minimise our waste footprint, we are actively phasing out single-use plastics in our offices and expanding recycling programs. We have significantly reduced paper usage by transitioning to digital communication and dissemination activities.

We engage with our collaborators and suppliers to promote environmentally conscious practices. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is a core value that guides our operations and inspires our collaborators to embrace a greener approach.