ECRAID: European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases

ECRAID envisages a European-wide sustainable clinical research organization for infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance that stems from both PREPARE and COMBACTE.

The project’s vision is to establish a coordinated and permanent European infrastructure for clinical research on infectious diseases. Due to their network, which is built on the foundations laid by COMBACTE (>950 clinical care sites) and PREPARE (primary care sites), ECRAID will be able to conduct clinical research faster and easier. Moreover, ECRAID will have rapid access to and knowledge of well-developed clinical and laboratory sites. Trials will be conducted continuously, allowing them to expand their experience and knowledge.

ECRAID will conduct perpetual observational studies, warm-base trials, and adaptive platform trials. For the perpetual observational studies, a selection of sites will continuously enroll patients and collect outcomes for specific infectious diseases or infectious disease syndromes. The warm-base trials are a master study protocol for diagnosing and treating patients in a specific perpetual observational study to evaluate multiple new drugs for infectious infectual diseases. The adaptive platform trials allow the study of multiple therapies, with therapies entering and leaving the platform based on a decision algorithm.

ECRAID aims to protect public health by generating rigorous evidence to improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.  The mission is to cultivate world-class research to protect citizens of Europe against antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases over the long-term.

In ECRAID, Penta will provide the paediatric expertise for the development of the business plan by liaising with the Penta ID network.

flag_yellow_highThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825715.


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