Laura Ferreras Antolín shares her experience as an early career researcher

09 Aug, 2022

Laura Ferreras Antolín, member of the Penta Early Career Research Group, explains what it’s like for her to be an early career researcher working with Penta.

Together we can paint a brighter future for maternal and child health research. I thought that the film Sun & Petals is a good summary of why Penta is the ideal place to work and grow as an early career researcher.

Paul Farmer said “With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others or, in a word, partnership”. Penta is that community. Personally, it is giving me the opportunity to learn and collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds, which is really motivating. It is exceptional to find a research group as diverse, strong and where the younger members are so well supported and mentored.

While working as a paediatrician, we face an endless number of questions. For me, to work in paediatric research is all about asking the right questions and finding the answers to make children’s health (and their future) better. Many of these questions do not have an answer yet… or the questions keep on changing!

I have been inspired by Penta in the way they strive for answers. From the start focused on HIV to the new challenges with AMR, Invasive Fungal Disease and the list that goes on and on…

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