Big data

Digitalization and Infectious Diseases: Improving patient outcome in the age of big data


The city of Basel, Switzerland is set to host the international research conference ‘Digital ID 2020‘ on 20-21 January, 2020. Precision medicine experts and key opinion leaders will be on hand to offer exciting insights into range of topics, including digitalization, machine learning, biomedical research, and personalized health in infectious diseases. The most recent breakthroughs and translation into applications to clinics will be presented and discussed.

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EMIF project: 2 brand new videos available


The mission of the European Medical Information Framework, known as EMIF, is to improve identification, access, assessment, and reuse of health data within the European Union. With this mission in mind, access to descriptive information about the data available in EMIF was expanded to researchers beyond EMIF. Two tracks in the EMIF architecture support two data types: Electronic Health Records (EHR), which includes routine health data from general practices and hospitals,

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